Caroline Saunders

Intuitive Practitioner - "Life Coach/Guide"

Using a combination of therapies and gifts:


Clairvoyant /Psychic / Medium / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist / Past-Life Regressionist / Alternative Holistic Healer / Life Guidance/Coach

Prepare yourself to be awakened into a realm of personal 'realisations' that inspires and empowers you towards your goals, dreams and innermost desires.
As an adeptly creative teacher, speaker and therapist, Caroline uses her naturally born gifts/ skills of Clairvoyance and Medium-ship and Healing alongside other trained Clinical methodologies; Counselling, Hypno-analysis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching to compliment her meta- psychological work in combination to assist re-interpreting / identifying - 'YOU'.
Caroline offers a wealth of Experience and Guidance to those who are truly seeking their Purpose here in this reality and to achieving their Goals and Desires.

What makes you who you are today?  Who do you think you are? And how can you change to become the very best you wish to be?
How can you achieve great success of your potential and realise your dreams?
Caroline can help you decipher your 'True Self' and work on a journey of  self-discovery, peeling away the layers of conditioning, programming and false beliefs to get to your 'True Authentic Self' and to enjoy the beauty of creating the desired life that you were destined for, just by getting to 'Know Yourself' TRULY - which may have been suppressed under layers of conditioned 'learnt behaviours', loyalties and compounded beliefs that where never yours in the first place! 


Understanding why you are the way you are or why you 'think' or 'behave' in a certain way,  relieves physical symptoms of anxiety, depression, self confidence issues, physical aches, pains, health issues, lost opportunities, regrets, procrustination, addictions, habits, personal relationship problems, career sabotage and many other seemingly uncontrolled situations and allows your evolvement to be the very best you wish to be with the life that you desire.