About Me

From my very first memories as a small child, I can remember seeing, communicating and enjoying contact with the many dimensions of 'spirit'!

'Spirit' were my closest friends, I was a happy child but deeply inquisitive and needed answers to all my profound questions of 'why?' and 'how' things were the way they were.
Having been born with the 'gift' of a sixth sense, I never found anything frightening.  It was always completely natural to see and speak with the Spirit world and I guess I never knew any different, therefore was at absolute ease with anything deemed as 'supernatural'.
I remember having numerous 'out of body' experiences whereby I've since learnt my body was becoming used to expanding and contracting back and forth from All to Limitations and from having 'Trance Mediumship' transitions and coping with being an Energy in a physical body.

Through many varying experiences, both spiritually and physically, through childhood and teenage, I decided to explore the many physical avenues of life, as in, getting married young and working in a variety of professions and experiencing the many traumas of the emotional world.  Until it was no longer possible to deny my spiritual calling.

After many attempts to ignore it I finally made a pact with spirit to help them work, I embarked on a journey of self emergence, studying the realms of spiritualism and equally studying the Clinical Mind world of therapies,ie counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy - all courses which ultimately helped me unravel myself and ultimately helped me assist clients to do the same.

I was awarded a Diploma in Person Centred Counselling (City & Guilds) and
Diploma Award in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (MAPHP) (DiP) and continuous training

Special Award for Stop Smoking Cessation

My passion is researching the Quantum Theories and Self Evolvement and I spend as many hours as possible in these fields delving through articles and papers on the subjects, all inspired for me to do so through daily meditations.

In all, I have over 25 years continuous experience working with the public for personal consultations in Spiritual Guidance - Mediumship - Psychic/Clairvoyance and around fifteen years ago I was inspired by Spirit to combine both my methodologies, Spiritual and Clinical, to create a very unique therapy for my clients who benefit from my vast experiences of life and death.


By working within the Clinical structures, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Analysis, I then combine the gifts of Spiritual Intuition to assist the client in unraveling themselves to ask why they think and behave in certain limiting ways and finally achieving resolutions and completeness to their goals and desires so they become their 'True Self', with confidence, pride and understanding - becoming emotionally and physically balanced.


To 'Know Thyself' is an Awakening experience and a journey towards your Enlightenment so that you can truly close the gap between you and You!

To become the very Best person you are and to achieve incredible manifestations of your desired life.

This is an undesired journey for most but one, True Masters crave to endure -

You know who you are!


Of course, this journey is Not to be taken lightly and only a few selected clients are invited - those that are truly committed to the time honoured work of Truly Finding Oneself, 'no matter what it takes'! The rewards are endless and magnificent - a truly magnifying experience!!

You will be most Welcomed to join me.